Autocatalyst Processing

CFW Projects has long supplied high-quality equipment for automotive catalyst production. We design and manufacture a wide variety of catalyst dryers, such as this linear indexing unit. CFW Projects’ equipment allows fast, efficient drying and calcining for substrates of various sizes.

Turnkey Projects

CFW Projects has managed the design, manufacture, installation and assembly of many kinds of industrial equipment. We integrate all equipment into a complete production line according to customer requirements. Illustrated here are CFW reverse pulse filters at a large tea processing plant.

Industrial Dryers

CFW Projects has installed numerous large-scale drying systems for different applications. Our dryers are designed for superior energy efficiency. The systems we have created include drying rooms and ovens for the manufacturing, processing and agricultural sectors.

Service, Quality & Safety

Our solution-driven sales approach and exceptional after-sales service has gained CFW a reputation as a company that stands by its products. CFW is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by considering all aspects of the equipment supplied in the proper context.


CFW Projects specializes in the design and implementation of turnkey systems for various aspects of catalyst production, drying and electromechanical systems.
In addition, we provide an array of design, manufacturing, project management and after-sales services.


CFW Projects (Pty) Ltd is a respected electromechanical design house providing turnkey solutions. We design, manufacture, install and manage projects for industrial and automation systems.

We pride ourselves on offering low product lifecycle costs through durability, reliability and saving power. Energy efficiency optimisation is a particular strong point of our engineers.

The company holds a respected market position in South Africa and overseas. Since our establishment as Continental Fan Works in 1966, we have gained the experience and knowledge to become a key supplier to major corporations worldwide. Our equipment has been installed in South Africa, the United States, China, India, Germany and elsewhere.

We supply

Our focus is on large turnkey projects, which enable us to offer more complete integration and the best service.



CFW Industries, originally founded in 1966 as Continental Fan Works, is recognized for innovative fan technology and engineering in Southern Africa.

The CFW group provides a wide range of air systems and electromechanical systems, including industrial fans and ventilation, industrial process environmental control, pollution control solutions and automotive catalyst equipment.

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We can provide complete systems together with project handling from start to finish. Turnkey projects help to free the resources of the customer for other business purposes and establishes one point of contact.

This offers many advantages:


    • No time and costs associated with project handling.
    • Streamlined communications and better progress tracking.
    • CFW alone addresses snags and after-sales service.
    • One company is responsible for the electrical programming and integration of the different equipment.
    • Facilitates the tracking and recording of relevant data.
    • Prevents unforeseen surprises and extra costs on site. The complete line is tested and signed off at our factory before shipping.
    • Better delivery on overall project. Normally, considerable time is lost during the design and installation phase while trying to integrate the various suppliers’ equipment.
    • After-sales cost advantage: one company can service the complete line.
    • Lower prices.



CFW was established as Continental Fan Works in 1966. Our equipment has been installed on every continent, including Antarctica, confirming our position as a global mechanical and electrical design leader:


  • We have designed and installed equipment for clients, including multinational corporations, in many countries, including South Africa, the USA, Argentina, Mexico, Belgium, England, China, India, Malaysia and Germany.
  • Custom-made equipment has been designed, manufactured and installed for a broad range of industries, including the automotive catalyst sector, the food processing industry, wood processing operations, the agricultural sector and others.
  • CFW employs a team of sales engineers experienced in meeting the needs of our customers and providing selection advice and needs assessments.

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