Conveyors and Integration

CFW can supply and integrate all the necessary material handling equipment for a variety of industrial processing applications. Products include roller, chain, belt and elevator conveyors. Where CFW manages projects, we can also provide screw conveyors and pneumatic conveying systems.

Line Automation

CFW Projects supplies robots and XYZ automation for various applications. We manufacture the gripper assemblies and provide the programming and production line integration for the units.

Production Line Design/Automation

CFW Projects is experienced in offering practical solutions for production lines, including automation. The right production line design helps optimize production efficiency. Among other advantages, it enables labour costs to be minimised, output to be maximised and total material handling to be greatly reduced.

Equipment can be customised for a wide range of applications, and the customer’s preferred brands of bought-in equipment can be used on request. Examples include X-ray equipment for quality control and other items that are not part of CFW’s ordinary scope of work. All the mechanical, electrical and control systems can be designed and supplied by CFW.

With a suitable design, automating the line can improve the performance and working conditions of operating and maintenance staff, as tasks become simpler and dangerous work is eliminated. It is also possible to reduce costs and promote faster production of more consistent quality, giving your factory a competitive advantage.

We do the line integration of the solutions we design and program, providing full specifications for the products to make it easier to service the line and order spare parts. All control and electrical systems and production line programming are done to a high standard by our electrical department.

Production line design can be complex because cost, reliability, space and many other factors need to be taken into account. The type of system used varies according to the capital available, factory layout and production demands.

In addition, the design must be integrated with operations to minimise costs. CFW can produce anything from simple lines with a single conveyor and a few stations to fully automated production lines with multiple custom conveyors and PLC controls.

The production line aims to follow the flow sequence in the production system and is structured according to a line hierarchy or other representation, which helps to clarify the production process.

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