Maintenance, Servicing and After-Sales Support

As part of our commitment to partner with customers, CFW Projects provides a comprehensive set of after-sales services. Our infrastructure lets us undertake the servicing and maintenance of a broad range of industrial systems while limiting production downtime as much as possible. We also supply spare parts, technical assistance and an express delivery service.

We emphasise reliable operation and can provide assistance in determining the most cost-effective maintenance and servicing solutions. With many years of experience of troubleshooting industrial systems and production lines, our engineers are well-acquainted with the variables that influence the reliability and availability of factory systems and equipment. Upgrades are offered where applicable.

Why CFW After-sales Services?

Many factory conditions can markedly reduce the performance of dryers, ducting, conveying lines and other production equipment.

Components should be subjected to regular inspection for damage or defective operation. By having the manufacturer assess and report on the state of your systems, unforeseen costs and production losses can be avoided.

The range and number of units of equipment installed in modern factories, and the development of industrial maintenance programmes that set ever-higher standards, has impelled CFW to improve its maintenance capabilities continually. To ensure that equipment continues to function according to specification throughout its life and to manage the risks involved, inspection checks relevant to your systems and processes are needed.

Four maintenance strategies are generally recognised: corrective, reliability-centred, preventive and predictive. Recent trends in managing servicing and maintenance have been in the direction of predictive maintenance. In practice, a mixed strategy is often used in engineering to maximise profitability and evolves as a company’s maintenance requirements change.

At CFW, we go out of our way to accommodate your maintenance needs.

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