Drying Equipment and Projects

CFW supplies a wide variety of complete drying and cooling solutions with a focus on industrial-scale production of various products. See “drying equipment applications” for a variety of industry-specific solutions or “drying equipment types” for some of the energy sources and technologies we use.

CFW designs, manufactures, and installs for drying projects of any scale. We can offer reliable and financially viable solutions ranging from rentals of small dryers to large turnkey projects. We have a reputation for excellent after-sales service.

Our drying equipment uses mostly local content, as we strongly believe in developing Southern African manufacturing and customising solutions for local conditions. At the same time, we look for opportunities to partner with international companies that supply components and subsystems. Technology transfer is a key part of CFW’s future.

CFW partners with businesses all over the continent to provide them with optimal drying solutions. We are always looking for opportunities to help you develop your business and create jobs.

We offer a variety of options to make it easy and affordable for the customer to produce goods using CFW products. For small businesses, we offer the CFW Mini Dryer as an entry-level product. We can easily rent out up to three Mini Dryers ex stock, in effect eliminating lead times. In some cases, we can convert an existing room into a simple drying room with ventilation / circulation fans.

Customers with a larger capital outlay can purchase either new or used Mini Dryers.

For businesses planning to expand, we can offer equipment with a larger capacity and greater energy-efficiency. Existing equipment can be traded in to reduce the capital cost. Products to consider include containerized drying systems and eventually large systems using coal-fired boilers. These systems may have a throughput capacity of twenty tonnes per hour or more.

We offer superb services at every stage of a deal, with technical advice on selection before the purchase to after-salesprogrammes. Taking advantages of our packages and establishing a partnership with CFW mean that your business has an established, reliable platform for growing and thriving.

Selecting an Industrial Dryer

The modern manufacturer is presented with a vast array of drying equipment, which can make selection a challenge. The general principles are subject to many exceptions. A small change in the product or feed properties can mean that an entirely different solution would be optimal. Some of the factors to consider are fuel prices, the extent of flexibility required, production throughput and, to some extent, personal judgement.

The long life of industrial dryers means that a poor choice can have large long-term effects on profitability. Experience, research and manufacturers’ advice should all be taken into account. Every drying application is different and should be assessed separately, which is why CFW does not prescribe a single drying solution for any particular category of material to be dried. It is best to test any industrial drying system before adopting it wholesale.

Dryer energy efficiency is a critical factor, and is becoming more important with rising energy costs and a worldwide emphasis on sustainability. Industrial dryers account for a significant percentage of total industrial power use in developed countries, mostly from the heating system. In practice, considerations of capital cost and the realities of the production line often offer limited scope for heat recovery and energy savings.

Nonetheless, the large energy use of many dryers means that even saving a small percentage of the energy used can have a significant effect on profitability. The challenge of energy efficiency makes it even more important to select the right dryer and consider manufacturers’ engineering experience in doing so.

The factors that will affect the rate of moisture diffusion to the surface of the product include:

  • The surface area of the product
  • The temperature and physical characteristics of the product, including thickness
  • The relative humidity of the air surrounding the product

The CFW group also supplies industrial and domestic dehumidifiers. Visit www.dampcontrol.co.za to view or buy dehumidifiers online.



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