Rusk Dryers

CFW supplies drying equipment for rusks and related products. We offer various solutions, so that we can recommend the equipment most suitable for the customer’s requirements and the climatic conditions of the region where the dryer will be used. Both small and industrial-scale producers can be accommodated, although CFW focuses on large-scale operations.

The equipment we offer includes:

  • belt dryers
  • batch dryers
  • the CFW mini dryer

Drying is an integral part of the manufacturing process of baked goods. To ensure fast, even drying that will produce shelf-stable goods of high quality, heated-air convection drying systems are frequently used. Drying with temperatures that are too high will lead to damage to the product, and uneven temperatures, even in acceptable ranges, may reduce quality and will certainly result in an inconsistent product. Breakage and fines can increase when over-drying leads to brittleness and cracking, making the product more difficult to handle and leading to a hard texture unattractive to the target market. Unduly low temperatures, or case hardening, will reduce the life of the product.

To achieve the high production rates that are called for large-scale production, it is best to select a dryer with short warm-up times and the fastest heat transfer that can be accomplished without reducing the product quality.

If well-constructed, convection dryers equipped with high-efficiency fans can ensure that the product’s surface is evenly heated. This means that temperature control will be accurate throughout the drying process. The judicious use of turbulence control dampers and ducting in an oven (or different zones of an oven) can help to make heat transfer more efficient. The ideal parameters depend heavily on the product being dried, and testing is often called for with new products.

The volume and type of material to be dried will determine how the extraction and recirculation fans should be controlled. While exhausting the air helps remove moisture and can thus promote faster drying, replacing the air means that more energy needs to be used for heating, increasing energy costs.

CFW’s engineers have extensive experience with airflow control, so that our dryers are carefully designed to produce the appropriate airflow patterns at the right flow volumes for the application.

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