Ground Nut Drying

CFW offers turnkey project services for the drying of various types of nuts, including groundnuts. We will assess your capacity requirements and prepare a design. This will include selecting an appropriate energy source to ensure cost-effective capital layout and low operating costs.

CFW Projects can do all the mechanical, electrical and controls systems, including the installation and commissioning. Because the design and manufacture is done in-house, our delivery lead times are exceptionally good. We also offer services to improve existing drying systems, such as changing to alternative energy options as the price of electricity / coal / gas and other fuels change with time. We also repair and upgrade the controls and design of existing systems.

We have after-sales servicing teams to continue to support the products and installations in the field.

About Nut Drying

Speedy drying is necessary to compete in markets and to safeguard agricultural products from fungi and other forms of decay. Groundnuts in particular are susceptible to fungal infestations that make the product dangerous to consume.

At the same time, the ideal drying solution needs to be cost-effective and not lead to heat damage that will affect the taste, appearance and shelf life of the product.

Careful mechanical drying with heated air is a common solution. The product is stored in bins or trailers with vents, and air is blown in at a temperature that varies according to the original moisture level of the nuts. The temperature must be limited to maintain product quality. Estimates of the ideal temperature differ, but studies indicate that the maximum permissible temperature is below 38 °C.

Airflow is another significant consideration. Excessive airflow, like excessive heating, wastes energy without contributing to product quality. At the same time, fan sizing and vent and ducting arrangements must ensure that air is distributed as evenly as possible throughout a product batch. Considerable over-drying can occur, for example at the bottom of bins, if all factors are not taken into account.

Ambient humidity will further influence the drying rate and process, and needs to be considered in conjunction with temperature.

CFW can provide a complete range of equipment and services for nut drying systems. The selection, design and implementation are built on decades of engineering experience in the fields of flow mechanics, thermodynamics and dryer design.

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