CFW Projects can supply the equipment necessary to heat air using steam rather than electrical heaters. Steam heating is suitable for many drying applications where no product contamination can be permitted. It can be cost-effective where systems of 500-1000 kW or even larger are required.

CFW offers a wide variety of drying solutions using different energy sources. We can provide equipment suitable for drying operations of any scale, starting from small convection batch dryers (available for rent or purchase) and going up to large steam-heated turnkey systems.

Using steam can be convenient for several reasons. In most environments, water is readily available and inexpensive. It is suitable for situations in which it is preferable not to vent the air, as air is simply recirculated. For the same reason, it can be environmentally friendly, depending on how the water is boiled. Relatively large amounts of energy can be conveyed for a given mass and temperature can be accurately controlled using steam valves.

It can be used where ambient humidity is high, since good results are independent of ambient conditions. Steam can be generated at a relatively low cost when wood chips are available. Where humidification is needed, for example in some wood kilns, it can be built into the steam system rather than requiring an entirely separate set of equipment.

To remove the moisture evaporating from the product, chilled water cooling is used together with the steam heating system so that the water condenses, dehumidifying the area surrounding the product.

It is important that a reputable company be used for the steam piping, as the efficiency, safety and performance of the system depends heavily on its initial design. Other important elements include components and equipment of high quality and good practices and knowledge of its operation. The choice of operating pressure and pipe sizing will affect the heat loss, capital costs, condensate handling and maintenance of the system as well as its performance limits.

Apart from the steam generation system, distribution, utilization and condensate recovery systems are part of closed-cycle steam heating systems for dryers.

Drying by steam heating of the air is not recommended where it is critical to keep energy costs low.

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