Confectionery Drying

CFW offers dryers for the confectionery industry. Our equipment can provide reliable product drying, cooling and conditioning for a variety of sweets.

The manufacture of confectionery products involves the use of many hygroscopic ingredients, water-containing flavourants and binding agents. To obtain the right consistency and maximise shelf life, products need to be dried at the right air temperature and humidity. In many cases, drying, cooling and conditioning processes also produce desirable chemical changes in the sweet.

Over-drying can cause coating surfaces to crack, while insufficient drying will result in a less uniform product.

CFW Projects has experience with a variety of drying products. The best solutions are tailored to the weather conditions of the area and the precise requirements of the customer, so we do not approach the design of a new drying system with preconceptions about the appropriate technology for the application.

The confectionery stoving, drying and cooling sector has a diverse range of requirements and makes use of many processes. CFW produces dryers that include

  • thermal convection dryers (batch or continuous)
  • heat pump dehumidification drying
  • forced-air cooling of products

Jellies and gums are stoved at different temperatures and with different residence times depending on the precise product specification. The technique used is usually steam or heat pump heating in a batch oven with circulation fans.

With heat pump dehumidification, the air in the dryer is dried and reheated, so that heat energy is recycled and only moisture needs to leave the stove during the drying process. This can reduce energy use considerably.

The fans used can have a significant influence on the energy use of the dryer. Humidity control systems and heat recovery can help to improve energy efficiency, but are often absent, especially in older equipment.

With the proper equipment, you can

  • optimise production times
  • help ensure more consistent production throughout the year
  • increase production capacity
  • improve product quality and consistency
  • filter air according to the standards of the confectionery industry
  • save energy from HVAC applications, as outside air is used.

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