Electrical Systems, PLS and SCADA

CFW’s in-house electrical department provides electrical panelling, PLC programming and SCADA systems for industrial facilities. We supply these services separately and also as part of our projects. With CFW assembling and wiring the panels and developing controls and software, we have an intimate knowledge of the system and can take full responsibility for the system’s performance.

Why CFW Electrical Systems?

With CFW Projects, the expertise to integrate electrical panels with mechanical systems is at your fingertips. CFW can completely control and integrate the design of the electrical system and programming into an operation’s core processes. The result is that valuable time is saved while reliable system performance is established.

All our electrical designs are done to high standards in EPLAN and the drawings are incorporated into our spares manual. CFW also offers excellent after-sales service.

The multiplicity of electrical control applications makes it a very wide area where customer requirements need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis to make custom solutions. In many instances of equipment malfunction, such as fan tripping, it can be difficult for the operator to determine whether it originates with the mechanical system or the electrical system. With CFW managing both areas of the production line, there are no grey areas and we can take full responsibility for the quality of the work.

PLC Systems

Where applicable, CFW can offer PLC panels and programming. CFW uses mostly Siemens and Allen Bradley technology for PLC control. The Delta and Beckhoff brands are often installed as an alternative, and any make specified by the customer can be used.

PLC panels have many advantages compared to conventional electrical panels and can improve productivity greatly.

The amount of wiring required is reduced, often to less than a quarter of alternatives. The same is true of electricity consumption and hardware cycle time. Troubleshooting is much easier, since PLC controllers typically have self-diagnostic functions. The system is much more flexible, since control sequences can be altered by programming rather than by changing wiring. Fewer spare parts are required for hardware relays and timers and the PLC is more reliable than these mechanical components.

For complex input/output systems and control functions, the cost is much lower. It is also easy to keep documentation up to date, as a hard copy of the programming can easily be printed out.

The benefits of PLC systems are such that they are now standard for industrial automation in many settings.

Many suppliers insist on the use of one particular make of control system. This may make it difficult to modify existing systems and integrate new controls with them. CFW, by contrast, offers great flexibility and skill that simplifies the process of setting up or modifying the system. In many industries, it can also result in lower prices, as CFW will not restrict the customer to one make of equipment for the entire system but select the most cost-effective combination for a particular user. Siemens is currently preferred for its reliability.

SCADA Systems

SCADA software systems are at the centre of many distributed processes. CFW can set up a SCADA system for CFW equipment or incorporate it into an existing control system. With SCADA systems, remote access of the equipment is possible, so that CFW can provide more convenient and effective servicing.

Where a number of bins, ovens, rooms etc. are used for the same process type, and each has its own PLC system or other controls, the producer may not have time to keep track of them all every day. In this case, the units can be linked up and centrally managed with a SCADA system from just one PC. Real-time monitoring, corrections and adjustments to the system, logging and reporting, and simpler troubleshooting are made possible. Depending on the processes involved, a wide variety of control issues can be dealt with, including:

  • Alarms,
  • Product and equipment states, cycles and timing, etc. and
  • Performance variables such as temperature and humidity fluctuations and tolerances.

By reducing the need for on-site inspections, adjustment and data gathering, SCADA systems can lower costs and save time.

Another advantage is that performance reports can be automatically generated for an arbitrary time period. This provides for flexible and easy internal management. In some applications, such as laboratory situations, it is important to generate reports that are unalterable once generated in order to comply with regulations.

CFW uses Siemens systems, TeamViewer and WinCC where possible, but we will use any brand that is fit for purpose to accommodate our customers. We continually update the development software we use to remain at the forefront of the industry.

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