Autocatalyst Equipment

CFW’s innovation and engineering excellence in the autocatalyst industry has been shown in equipment supplied to plants around the world. We provide dryers and calciners for substrate shapes and sizes of all kinds.

Backpressure Rigs

CFW provides units for measuring pressure drops in various autocatalysts. These rigs can also be integrated into the production line if required.

Autocatalyst Equipment/Projects

CFW Projects specialises in autocatalyst machinery for manufacturing catalytic converter monoliths. We offer complete coating, drying and calcining lines for autocat producers. CFW has years of experience in different areas of the catalyst industry and can supply turnkey solutions according to client specifications.

The lines we design and build may consist of coating units, dryers, calciners, inline backpressure units, robots, pick and place automation, conveyers, weighing equipment, electrical panels and control systems. Additional items – such as X-ray equipment – that are not part of our scope of work can be integrated into our line. The fully automated line provides the ability to track and record all relevant data (back-pressure“, washcoat applied, etc.) of each substrate.

CFW offers the following products for catalyst producers:

Catalysts are used in a wide variety of applications, including oil refineries, petrochemical industries and the production of catalytic converters for the automotive industry. CFW can design and manufacture equipment for producing variety of catalysts, but we focus on equipment for processing autocatalyst monoliths.

Platinum-group metals (PGMs) such as platinum or palladium find their most important application in this area. Aqueous, acidic slurries, gels or solutions containing the metals are applied to a catalyst carrier (also known as a catalyst support or catalyst substrate). The carrier is then cleared of excess washcoat, dried and finally calcined to bind the washcoat to the substrate. Monoliths made of ceramic honeycomb are commonly used as carriers, though metal substrates are becoming more popular.

The catalysts must be evenly and carefully applied to the carriers for effective and profitable results. Even a small degree of uncontrolled variation can influence the prices obtainable for the catalyst. The application process is therefore just as economically important as the correct formulation of the reagent slurry.

There are a multitude of technologies for catalyst and substrate drying on the market. Apart from initial and operating costs, ease of material handling, compactness, thermal efficiency and control, particle size distributions, and the shape of the dried substrate need to be considered.

CFW’s world-leading technical expertise in the field has led to the installation of production equipment around the world.

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