Drying Ovens

The CFW group is a leading South African supplier of industrial ovens for drying, curing and preheating applications. We have been involved in a range of specialised applications in the past and can provide ovens for drying operations of any scale.

CFW can provide a wide variety of drying systems from simple fan-assisted systems to turnkey systems capable of drying many tonnes per hour. We will assist your business as it grows, providing the option with the best combination of low capital costs, low operating costs and performance.

Applications for which CFW has manufactured ovens include:

  • Curing and laminating for the glass industry. The appropriate drying operation will depend on how delicate or brittle the product is.
  • Curing of coatings, including paint, varnish, powder coating and finishes. CFW also provides the necessary fume extraction equipment for preventing harm to workers, as well as balancing airflow in order to prevent the combustion of fumes.
  • Drying of electronics parts such as battery components or circuit boards. These can be sensitive, not only because of the risk of thermal damage, but due to the danger of electrostatic discharge. We have manufactured ovens for curing the varnish on industrial transformer coils, which requires careful engineering in order to maintain proper airflow control and uniform temperatures and remove all traces of moisture.

Our ovens can provide for temperatures from below ambient temperature (using air cooling) up to 900 °C.

A wide variety of construction and temperature control options is available.

CFW designs and constructs the ventilation system of the oven using fans that have been made and tested in-house, so that the convection characteristics of the oven can be completely controlled. We pay special attention to the airflow characteristics of the fan system and its implications for energy efficiency and temperature uniformity.

We also install, integrate and service the ovens so that an industrial oven from CFW represents a complete long-term solution for our customers’ drying requirements.

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