Sheet Metal Fabrication

CFW has an extensive range of in-house manufacturing facilities located in two factories. This enables us to do 90% of the fabrication for our projects ourselves and allows us to offer superior quality and delivery management. Our facilities are used to manufacture a range of industrial products for CFW as well as OEM products for other suppliers.

Our OEM fabrication products include a wide range of ducting, fans and other HVAC components. CFW can provide the mechanical design services necessary to produce new parts.

These manufacturing and design capabilities are backed by a range of support services, including fan testing and balancing.

Our equipment is always being upgraded to enable us to provide better products and after-sales services.

Our activities include:


Mid Steel/Stainless Steel Fabrication

CFW makes mild and stainless steel products in separate facilities. We provide a durable, corrosion-resistant and high-quality product and maintain an in-house, annually audited quality department to check that standards are strictly adhered to.

OEM fabrication is done according to customer requirements and with submitted drawings. We use SolidWorks as our design tool and offer associated design services, so that we can accept DXF or IGES format drawings or do the designs as well as manufacturing the components you need.

A wide variety of ducting, dampers and bends can be made. Ducting is available in painted mild, stainless or galvanised steel. For projects managed by CFW, we also design the layout and perform the installation of all the ducting.

Laser Cutting

CFW’s laser cutting department offers laser sheet metal cutting services at competitive prices. Laser cutting offers better quality and accuracy than alternative profiling techniques, even with thick plate. Complex cutting can be done with the right instructions.


Our laser department can cut the following metals:

  • Aluminium up to 8 mm thick,
  • Mild steel plate up to 20 mm thick,
  • Galvanised plate up to 3.0 mm thick,
  • Stainless steel up to 16 mm thick.

The laser can handle sheets of up to 4 m x 2.5 m. CNC bending for mild steel up to 12 mm and stainless steel up to 8 mm is also available.

With laser cutting, there is no wear, little risk of burring or warping and low material waste. No tooling is required and it may be used cost-effectively for either profiling or production. Sheet metal can be cut more economically and precisely than with plasma cutters. If the production volume is low, it is a feasible alternative even to using die stamping.

CFW is one of the largest material buyers in the Western Cape; so that we can obtain the best supplier prices and offer lower costs to our clients. Discounts are offered for large orders. We prefer DXF-format drawings for quotations and an example quotation form (A0000) can be viewed on request.

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CNC Punching Machinery

CFW’s in-house metal fabrication facilities include mild steel and aluminium sheet punching (thickness up to 6.0 mm) and stainless steel (thickness up to 3.0 mm). Our turret press brake can produce high-quality sheet metal products economically and quickly for low-volume runs, and provides excellent fast prototyping capability. For thicker sheet metal, CFW can offer our laser cutting facilities.

Our press capacity is 29-30 tonnes and sheet sizes of 1270 mm x 3660 mm can be handled. A wide range of parts can be blanked or punched out, including vents, louvers and extrusions.

CNC Bending Machinery

4400 mm and the machine can operate at up to 15 mm per second, providing high productivity.

The machine is equipped with an automatic controlled bending sensor for a precise bending angle. This eliminates scrapped parts right from the beginning of the production run. A wide variety of bending options is available for flexible bending, and the bending machine has several computer controlled backstop axes. Its high speed makes it an apt choice for serial production.

CNC Lathes and Milling

CFW uses CNC turning and milling machinery for the automatic production of many metal parts. Parts produced may include fan impeller blades, hubs, and pulleys.

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