Backpressure Test Rig

CFW Projects offers backpressure units for autocatalyst manufacturers. The units can be supplied separately or integrated into the production line.


Pressure differential measurement is an invaluable tool for catalyst manufacturers to develop and validate the performance of their products. Accurate pressure measurement has become increasingly important as the market and regulators push for higher catalyst and engine performance. CFW backpressure units offer the following benefits to our clients:

  • Excellent repeatability and accuracy.
  • Ease of operation.
  • User-friendly touch-screen controls.
  • Fast and convenient changeover between different catalyst types and sizes.
  • Robust, low-maintenance construction.

Bends, turns, angles and narrow spaces in any system exhausting gases result in increased flow resistance or pressure drop. In testing parts for airflow performance, this characteristic is often referred to as back pressure. Determining backpressure in automotive exhaust components is important since high backpressure reduces engine efficiency, increasing the fuel consumption of the engine for a certain power output. It can also result in a shortened part life.

Parts such as the catalytic converter can add considerably to a vehicle’s back pressure. Because engine manufacturers specify the highest allowable back pressure for their products and higher back pressures may render the warranty void, emission control manufacturers must be certain how much back pressure will be added by a particular component. This makes it necessary to test monolith catalysts. The pressure drop will not only influence engine performance, but also indicates the likely performance of the catalyst.

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