Weighing and Coating Units

CFW provides coating and weighing equipment for the catalyst industry. We can supply coating units ranging from manual coaters to single- and multi-head fully automated units for high-speed production. Our scale units can be integrated with the coating system to ensure that the correct washcoat dose is applied.


Coating Units

CFW Projects has developed a wide range of coating units. They are competitively priced, compact and very easy to clean, requiring little maintenance. The dosing system is very accurate, with automatic height and dose volume set-up between different substrate sizes. A wide range of substrate shapes and sizes can be catered for. Changing to a different substrate size can be done in less than five minutes.

The unit is manufactured from stainless steel 304 and suitable engineering plastics. Stainless steel 316 is used for washcoat contact parts. Systems are in place for positive sealing to limit washcoat contact on the outside of the substrate, and to prevent nozzle blocking during production downtime. The unit can attain production speeds of as high as 600 parts per hour.

The units are equipped with protection from nozzle blocking during production downtime. Positive-pressure sealing limits the contact of the washcoat on the outside of the substrate, for greater efficiency of washcoat materials use.

About Catalyst Coating

Catalyst coating involves applying a washcoat to a substrate. Depending on the system and the type of catalyst, the catalytic material may be made to adhere to the washcoat before or after coating. This is a complex process and the materials used are costly, which makes reliability of paramount importance.

The surface area needs to be maximised in order to establish as much contact as possible between the catalyst and the gas stream, and washcoat adherence needs to be as stable as possible.

Weighing Units

CFW Projects can offer a wide range of scale assemblies, which can be custom-built and integrated into the control system in line with customer requirements. Both manual and automated units are available.

Our weighing units are used in catalyst applications to determine the washcoat load by measuring the weight gained by the monolith after coating. This helps to give an indication of the potential performance of the monolith and helps to establish early detection of problems that can harm the profitability of the manufacturing facility.

Determining whether the washcoat dosing is accurate can save money by preventing the overuse of expensive washcoat, as well as possible production losses owing to the final autocatalyst not meeting specifications.

Catalyst weighing has also been important for diagnostic and research purposes in catalyst production. If the weighing unit consistently indicates that the desired weight changes are not being achieved, it can indicate a problem with upstream production machinery.

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