Pneumatic Control Services

CFW provides the pneumatic control and monitoring systems for production line automation, including input/output signal hardware, controllers, human-machine interfaces, networks, and communications systems. We design, build, calibrate and test the system and our electrical department does the necessary software programming. Full operating manuals containing all electrical system diagrams are provided.

We supply and assemble complete pneumatic circuits for any industrial system, with all components (actuators, valves, electrical systems etc.) integrated into the electrical control system.

CFW Projects uses Festo components where possible, but any make can be used according to the customer’s requirements.

About Pneumatic Control Systems

Pneumatic control systems consist of the following set of components: compressed air supply, a main line distribution system with branch lines, sensors for monitoring the system, controllers (e.g. thermostats or humidistats), and actuators that position the final controllers (such as valves and dampers). Air is distributed from the main line to the controller, which manages output (branchline) pressure according to the control variable (e.g. temperature, humidity or pressure).

Usually, the final control element is selected first, since these elements ultimately produce the desired results. For example, systems that are designed to control water flow must use the correct valve type, depending on the application the water is put to (e.g. heating or cooling) and the associated pressure, control and flow characteristics. Actuators are selected next, followed by controllers and relays. Only then is the sizing and design of the air supply system done.

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